A bit of yummy

I had posted about my goal to start cooking more and meal plan… so last week I did meal plan dinners and it went really well. I didn’t take pictures because I just didn’t think about it. Well, I did start this morning taking pictures and will make every effort to continue to do so 🙂

So, the cookbook I am cooking from right now is Skinny Bitch by Kim Barnouin. Can I just tell you how in *love* I am with this book? I mean seriously. I am not vegan but I am vegetarian and would be vegan if I didn’t love cheese and eggs so much (don’t drink cows milk though)… anyway…

This picture is from the “coconut banana french toast” which are vegan and SO SO SO good!! Omg. SO easy too. I can’t post the recipe because of copyright unfortunately.

This was Lilly’s plate of food (made her eggs with it)… hence the Minnie plate 🙂

coconut banana french toast

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