Mentoring Sessions: For Photographers

I know what it’s like when you are about a year or so into your business and feel you are going nowhere. You have clients, are busy shooting, giving away a dvd of images with your sessions and feel you are getting nowhere. After years of my own experience learning, making mistakes, attending seminars & workshops, numerous conventions– I am getting numerous requests from photographers at all different levels in their business asking for mentoring sessions. I am more then happy to offer these to other photographers.

This is not assistance on “how to shoot better” … or a “where should I advertise.” I will be helping you with (just to name a few):

  • Basics of running your business: What you need and where to go for more help
  • Pricing structure: How to price yourself to stay in business, run effective promotions and finding/utilizing your clientele
  • Mistakes I have learned and changes I have had to make from those
  • Running a home-based studio or retail location
  • In-home ordering vs online carts and how to do both
  • Networking groups/associations/clubs/etc to build your business

Please know that local Southern California photographers are welcome to hire me, however certain topics may not be covered. If you are local and wish to meet in person, please inquire.  All appointments will be done via FaceTime or on the phone and are priced below. Please email me directly at Hillary at (or click “email me” below) with your website, portfolio link, facebook fan page and your current issue in your business or where you are at. Once you contact me, I will email you the paypal invoice to get started.


One appointment:

One hour session includes a range of topics from above.


Due in full before appointment

Two appointments:

Two one hour sessions (2-3 weeks apart) to assist in following up and more direction.


Due in two equal payments

Three appointments

Three one-hour sessions (2-3 weeks apart) to assist in following up, marketing assistance and progress follow up.


Due in three equal payments.

**In-person sales**

In-person (if local) sales appointment session using proselect and preveal on how to utilize your full sales potential. 


Due in two equal payments.

Prices are subject to change at any time. There are no refunds on any services rendered. Refer another photographer and receive another mentor session at 1/2 price. In-person appointments are available for an added fee. Thanks!


Group Sales appointment workshop:

Limited to 10 photographers. I will walk you through the sales process from the initial consultation to the in-person sales appointment which I do in clients homes. I will go over gear, software, product offerings, up selling and how to avoid drab online product orders. We will do a mock sales appointment utilizing proselect and preveal.  **I am not sponsored or endorsed by any products or companies**

Date: Thursday Feb. 20th 9:30am-1:00pm

Location: My studio in La Mesa (If I have a small group, I will be hosting at my home in Normal Heights)

Reserve by Feb. 5 investment:

Investment: (1) photographer $250   or  (2) photographers $400


One Photographer Early Bird registration:


Two Photographers Early Bird registration:

Photographers names:




After Feb. 5 investment: 

Investment: (1) photographer $300   or  (2) photographers $450


One Photographer Regular registration:


Two Photographers Regular registration:

Photographers names:

There are no refunds or carry overs on fees paid toward workshops. Thanks!

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