You can see what Mini Snaps™ are here.

How much are they?

I do not charge a creation fee for these sessions. I only charge for whatever products you are purchasing (pricing is below.) If you set an appointment and are unable to make it, please notify me within 24 hours. No shows will be invoiced $50. Printable digital files are sent via digital download within 36 hours of your session.

What does the set look like?

The Back to School set is alphabet decorative set with red accessories. Please feel free to bring a chalkboard or sign to hold for your child.

Other requirements?

Children photographed on their own must be able to sit up without assistance, or prop themselves on their belly. There are no minimum order requirements. A maximum of 3 subjects may be photographed together.

How do I schedule my spot?!

Use the form below to select your date choice. I will get back to you within 24 hours with a time available. If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please email me directly (check your spam folder first) Plan to be at my studio for about 1 hour total.

Thank you & I can’t wait to see all the cutie pies this year!

Mini Snap™ Product Pricing

Option 1: $315

11×14 Digital storyboard print ready to print
Edited favorite printable files from the session (up to 30)

Option 2: $215

Up to 10 of your favorite digital portrait files ready to print on your own

Option 3: $145

Up to 5 of your favorite digital portrait files ready to print on your own

Prints & Add-On Items

Below 8×10: $25

8×10: $35

11×14: $75

12×12: $95

*Custom storyboard +$55 to any size print ordered

8×12 standout storyboard with 3 images: $175

Additional printable files to your order: $25/ea

Set of 3 fabric accordions with 10 images: $175

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