Changes to facebook– not seeing my posts anymore?

Recently facebook made some changes that really affected a lot of us small businesses. In a chance to get more money (maybe that highly anticipated stock option??) they have decided that our posts will not be visible in everyones feeds who are fans unless we pay $5 per post. Oh that’s not all. For my size fan page, having over 930 members, my posts now show in only about 200 people’s feeds. Before this, it was closer to about 700 people. But if I pay $5 it will reach about 800 people. 🙁 It’s kinda sad.

Being that I refuse to pay for posts, I will be utilizing the newsletter more (don’t worry– still 1-2x month max) and posting here more often. I really enjoy the facebook option for sharing posts and everything, but it’s another unnecessary fee (in my opinion.)

On another note, make sure for those pages (like mine and others you are a fan of) that you go to “like” and then select “show in newsfeed. A lot of pages now aren’t showing in your feed because of that. And if you don’t hit “like” or comment on posts then facebook thinks it shouldn’t show in your feed… so make sure to stay up on your pages you like and interact with them.

Here’s an example of how to make sure they show in your feed.



So, if you haven’t been seeing my posts on facebook, this could be why. Or you haven’t liked it yet 🙂

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