Happy birthday Dylan! – San Diego Child Photographer

OMG isn’t Dylan so cute?! We had originally planned that his birthday session would be like most of my other birthday sessions where we do a cake smash after portraits. No, Dylan had his own agenda for portraits. You would never know he was a little under the weather that afternoon by the adorable portraits I got. Also, he LOVED being naked for some shots. Seriously is there ANYTHING cuter then a little naked baby tush?! Then it came time for his cake. Ya… he wanted NOTHING to do with it. Zero. Zilch. What did he want? To play in the sink. So instead of a cake smash, he had a “playing in the sink water session” eh– whatever works, right? He was LOVING the water & having a great time… until we took him out of it and set him infront of his cake. Still cute none the less 🙂

I can’t WAIT to see their album! It’s going to be SO adorable!

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