Oh yes, another addiction…

I posted a blog post about Pinterest the other day… now onto my other addiction (besides facebook)… foodgawker.com. Have you heard of it? Ok I learned about it actually through pinterest as I was doing a search for vegetarian dishes and bam I ended up on this wonderful pretty food site.

Oh. My. GAWD. Are you kidding me with this site? If you like stumble upon and pinterest, you will be HOOKED.

When you get there you will see the main screen as just random popular new foods. Create your account and start marking favorites. One of the cool things too (actually how I really got into it) was their iphone app… talk about a time killer!

I have been doing a lot of searches for smoothies (esp since I got my vitamix) and also for just vegetarian dishes in general. All you do is type at the top “spinach” or whatever you are searching and all these pretty pictures come up.


These pretty pictures are not just recipes. They are LINKS to the specific blog posts or websites the recipes are held and it’s not recipes from allrecipes.com or anything… they are unique and step by step and no mediocre photography is allowed.


This is just a screenshot of my screen when I hit “favorites” of ones I have made MY favorite… yummy smoothies, veggie corndogs, desserts, etc.

Seriously go enjoy it! It’s free and SUPER ADDICTING!

But my advice (I have learned the hard way) is not to browse at night before bed. I have a habit of getting super hungry at 12am while looking for meals!


  1. Looks amazing! I have a feeling I’ll be on this site from now until lunchtime…mouth’s already watering just from your screenshot!

    1. I seriously spend a few hours a day looking, bookmarking etc… before bed im laying in bed using the iphone app marking so many… then have a growling tummy lol

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